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Real Time Data Acquisition System (RT-DAS)

The State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) Odisha has implemented the Real Time Data Acquisition System (RT-DAS) on 14th of September 2012 to capture and transmit the AAQMS (Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System), Stack Monitoring System and Waste Water Monitoring System data from different plants in Odisha over GPRS network. SPCB, Odisha is the first SPCB in India to implement RT-DAS to capture and transmit the Environmental Data to SPCB Server over GPRS link. The real time GPRS-based Environmental Data Transmission System is first of its kind in India. The system receives the data from different plants located in Odisha and provides the facility to monitor the pollution status inside each plant and the surrounding as well. A new innovative concept called "Y-Cable" has been introduced in RT-DAS for the first time in India to capture the actual data from analyzer prior to going to the plants PC. Using Y-Cable, analyzers data and configuration settings are transmitted to the SPCB server installed at Bhubaneswar headquarter.

RT-DAS also helps to intimate both plants user and SPCB by a SMS during high continuous emission. Automatic triggers are generated when no data arrives from any station or constant data arrives for a prolonged time period or no data about configuration setting of analyzer. Instant message can be sent from plant users to SPCB regarding the status of their plant justifying the cause of prolonged high emission, no data, constant data and no configuration settings data. This helps SPCB to know the exact scenario related to pollution at each plant in Odisha. This site is for all the users to view real time AAQ, Stack and waste water data from all major plants located in Odisha at any time.

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